Internal or External Resources? YES!
Imagine trusting a neighborhood kid to take care of your dog while on vacation. While they may be capable of completing the task you’ve outlined; they will likely only do exactly as you ask. The dog gets what they need and the job is done. In contrast, imagine trusting an adult neighbor caring for your […]
Vulnerability Scans: Only Part of the Equation
There are two primary ways we see companies manage vulnerabilities… one of them significantly riskier than the other. Reactive strategies rely on a problem to arise before taking action. This makes reactive the riskier option of the two, hopefully for obvious reasons. Using a reactive strategy is like waiting for an electric bill to tell […]
The Difficulties of People Taking Ownership
So, you've got an amazing team of tech savvy folks who love the tech side of things.   They excel in implementing the latest tools and systems, but when it comes to the less glamorous side - like making sure tasks are completed and nobody drops the ball - things start to get a bit messy.   […]
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