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At Hotman Group, we help business leaders with integrity gain the trust of clients with comprehensive cybersecurity & GRC services.

Cybersecurity Strategy

One-time Projects

Staff Augmentation+

Most companies look at their cybersecurity piecemeal, inadvertently putting themselves at risk.

Someone is demanding to know what's happening with your cybersecurity and you don't know what to say.

As an executive, regardless of your expertise in an area, you're looked to for answers when it comes to guiding the company. Sometimes that's an easy task. Other times, you don't know what you don't know, which makes it impossible to gain the trust of clients and keep your internal stakeholders happy.

When it comes to cybersecurity, business leaders often want to do the right thing but find themselves in a bind when it comes to their actual processes. They're completely unaware of what they should be doing, much less what they need to do to fix it.

More advanced players start with what they know, which usually means cobbling together frameworks and managing them separately. This inadvertently introduces security risks, inefficiencies, and duplicate work. It's harder to scale and attain business objectives like global expansion, M&A, or IPO when you approach cybersecurity this way.

Every business leader should feel confident in their cybersecurity plan.

Advisory Services

Fractional Cybersecurity strategy and program development with the expert guidance you need to stop guessing or hiring expensive resources.

Done for You Programs

Technology is great, but most leaders forget people and processes that should also be part of the plan. We are the experts in executing, implementing, and remediating so you don't have to be.

And Everything in Between

One-time projects like policies, audits, questionnaires, risk assessments, incident response plans, testing, third party vendors, and more. Whatever your cybersecurity or compliance challenge, we're here to help.

Finally gain the control you need to feel fully competent in this area.

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)

We'll help organize your enterprise program's approach to unify and align risk, compliance, and security in a cohesive, sustainable and reportable way.

Readiness Assessment

When trying to align your business to a specific framework, you need to know where to start. We'll help you know where you're at and how to move forward.

Audits and Regulators

No one likes an audit. we'll help your chances of passing by giving you the confidence you need to navigate difficult questions and know when it's appropriate to push back.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Your company needs to be resilient so you can continue to do business in the midst of various external challenges. We'll help you create plans to cover your bases in security, technology, and overall business. Then, we test the plan to ensure it can stand up to whatever could come your way.

Policies and Procedures

We help to document and communicate so everyone is working from the same enterprise playbook. As an added bonus, you'll gain more trust with your clients.

Third Party Risk Management

We are responsible for the risk our third party vendors bring to our customer's data. We help you know the risks in your supply chain. Then, we build a program around it to track, focus, and do your security due diligence without doing unnecessary work.

No matter the framework, we're ready to help you align.











ISO 27001

Feel confident in your security program in 3 easy steps...

Chat with us

We'll come up with a plan

Enjoy a program that actually protects

Be fully equipped to do the right thing when it comes to cybersecurity.

Benchmark Assessment

First, determine where you are based on a benchmark within a security compliance framework like SOC 2, NIST CSF, and others.

Strategic Roadmap

Then, we strategically prioritize your action items based on the risks to your business.


From a self-governed discipline to an all-inclusive cybersecurity program to the strictest audits, we help you set the bar based on the objective you'd like to reach.

Discover a better way to manage GRC.

If your current GRC program feels too complicated or isn't working the way you think it should, a GRC health check is in order. Click here to see what it is and how it can help you gain insights and unlock strategic solutions. 

Get the plan you need to approach your cybersecurity strategically so you can be fully protected.

Most companies look at their cybersecurity piecemeal, inadvertently putting themselves at risk. With Hotman Group, we approach cyber security strategically, with a plan so you can be fully protected

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